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As a former drug prosecutor, I have extensive experience in practicing criminal law.  In fact, I have about 15 years of criminal law experience both as a prosecutor and criminal defense attorney.  I have handled cases involving homicide, sex offenses (including those involving Jessica's Law) all the way down to basic traffic offenses.  Using my trial experience, as well as negotiation skills honed conducting contract negotiations as Operations Counsel at Learjet, Inc., I can assist a client in reaching the best possible results.  Success on criminal matters is just as much about smart, tenacious and detail-oriented preparation as it is about the ability to be powerfully persuasive to the Courts and to a jury.  If you are searching for someone capable of working hard, paying attention to detail and skillfully submitting your case----look no further.  I have even handled numerous cases before the Kansas Court of Appeals and have presented cases to the Kansas Supreme Court.  Let me use my abilities to help you.  You will be glad you did.

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Whether you have an issue regarding divorce, paternity, custody or child support, you may count on my years of experience to assist you to navigate the waters of any issue.  Having handled cases all over the State of Kansas, I have been able to successfully assist clients achieve results they need.  I have handled cases large and small.  My knowledge of the law and the nuances of individual courts and Judges aid me in helping you bring to the table the strength and skill needed to reach a result that is fair and equitable.  Extensive experience dealing with difficult issues surrounding the division of marital estates and the best interests of children allow me to tactfully and intelligently guide clients through tough situations leading to the best possible outcome.  Make no mistake that my tough and thorough efforts will protect you and your rights. 

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I have handled numerous cases involving guardianship and adoption.  When it is time to make important decisions involving your family, look no further.  Particularly in cases involving adoption, it is important that the laws are carefully followed to assure that you are properly protected.  Further, on guardian and conservatorships the skill of an attorney with knowledge in those areas will work to protect you and your loved ones.  You owe it to yourself and your family to have the advice and assistance of an attorney that will care for you and help you traverse the legal system in such a way that will protect your interests.  That is why you owe it to yourself to contact me.

The laws of the State of Kansas heavily favor the Plaintiff when it comes to seizing and forfeiting your assets if you are alleged to have engaged in criminal activity.  The difficult part is that based upon the law, you need someone who is intensely skilled in assuring that work done on cases involving asset forfeiture are properly prepared and diligently filed.  This is an area in which I pride myself.  Experience has taught me that in many cases if a client has an attorney skilled in such work, it is far more likely that a successful outcome will be achieved.  There is a great misunderstanding by many as to the requirements of the law regarding asset forfeiture.  While each case is different, I have helped individuals recover vehicles, property and money they would have otherwise lost.  Do not trust such items to someone who has little or no experience in this area.  The detail required to recover your property is far too important.  As for civil defense, I have handled multiple lawsuits involving money and property from a defense perspective with successful results.  In addition to my trial and courtroom experience in criminal law, I have trial and courtroom experience handling asset forfeiture as well as civil defense work.  Let me use my knowledge, experience and tenacity to help you protect yourself and to recover what rightfully belongs to you.

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